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Full-Spectrum Video Production for the Defense Industry – From the first spark of an idea to the final cut, MG PRODUCTIONS covers every angle. Concept development, 3D previsualization, high-risk shoots with real tactical gear, and post-production wizardry with CGI and 3D graphics – we do it all. Our in-house collection of tactical uniforms, modern military props, and real weaponry, combined with tactically proficient talents, ensures your project is as authentic as it is engaging.

Idea & Concept

In-house brainstorming to forge powerful concepts that resonate with your mission.

Virtual Prototyping

Utilizing in-house 3D previsualization to explore and perfect scenes before the shoot.

Strategic Blueprint

Detailed planning and efficient scheduling to set the stage for success.

Location Scouting

Expert in-house scouting to find and secure the ideal locations for your project's needs.

Visual Storytelling

Crafting in-house storyboards to visually outline and refine your narrative's flow.

Subject Matter Experts

In-house subject matter experts ensure operational accuracy and authenticity in every frame.

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Our CEO Martin is happy to discuss how we can serve your brand.

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to serve the story
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